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Our Team

Meet Our Educators

    Camp Westlake is a leader in youth enrichment. We have created a unique program with professionals and specialists in sports, visual arts and with access to industry leaders in the entertainment industry. Camp Westlake has curated a highly specialized camp program in partnership with the Metamorphosis Art  Projects and the Peace Guardians. The result is a high quality Summer Camp program for your child.


    Camp Directors/Program Directors
    • Robin Wolff

      Robin Wolff

      Robin Wolff is Camp Coordinator for The Stadium. She is a graduate of Buffalo State College. She has extensive Camp experience having worked at a variety of day and sleep -away Camps in the Tri-State area including Frogbridge and Camp Lakota. Robin is also a youth event coordinator for The Stadium.

    • Charles Logan and Pasha McKenley

      Charles Logan and Pasha McKenley

      Charles Logan and Pasha McKenley are the co-founders of the Metamorphosis Art Project. Both are educators in Los Angeles Unified School District and hold credentials in Visual and Performing Arts.

      Charles Logan holds a Masters degree from Claremont Graduate University in Fine Art and is a specialist in Visual Arts and Graphic Design. Charles has served as an art director, set designer, and co-director of many theatrical productions for the metamorphosis art project. Charles also has over a decade of teaching experience with students K-12 including with additional experience with students with special needs, mild to moderate disabilities, IEPS, and students that fall on the spectrum.

      Pasha Mckenley has a degree in Theatre Arts and has over 23 years of experience as an actor, writer, director, and producer. As an educator, Pasha is credited with the development and implementation of numerous organizations surround arts and education. Pasha is also the recipient of the President of the United States Volunteer Service Award for her work in developing Arts Programs in schools.

    • Zachariah Fisher

      Zachariah Fisher

      Zachariah Fisher heads up the Peaceful Ninjas (now the Peace Guardians). Zachariah studied education at UCLA, taught PE in the Los Angeles School District, is a certified yoga instructor and martial arts expert. He has extensive experience in running camps throughout the greater Los Angeles Area and creating engaging, exciting curriculums that promote mindfulness and youth empowerment. He brings his team and expertise to Camp Westlake

    • Brett Fleischer

      Brett Fleischer

      Brett Fleischer is a filmmaker, musician, and teacher. He has worked on screen with such actors as Anthony Hopkins, Anton Yelchin, Sam Shepard, Amy Madigan, Giovanni Ribisi and Robert Forster. Brett is both proficient in Kit and the African Djembe. He loves to explore and teach new ways of self-expression through sound.

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